349 Jonathans Roost Road, Williamson, Georgia 30292
(770) 227 9989
Tuesday - Thursday 11.30 AM - 9 PM
Friday 11.30 AM - 9:30 PM
Saturday 8 AM - 9:30 PM
Sunday 11 AM - 4 PM
E-mail: info@barnstormersgrill.com
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Great Steaks!
Delicious Pasta
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Salad Bar
Barnstormer's Grill - Vintage 1920s Grill
Barnstormer's Grill - Vintage 1920s Grill

About Us

Barnstormer's Grill is located on Peach State Airport near Williamson, Georgia. It is a one hour drive from downtown Atlanta. Candler Field Museum is located in the same facility. After you enjoy a great meal you can browse the museum that has antique automobiles and airplanes. You will also be able to watch airplanes take off and land while you dine.

Barnstorming pilots used to travel around the countryside to small towns and treat hardworking people to the sight of aerobatics and the thrill of an airplane ride! The Barnstormer's Grill is a place where pilots and townspeople are like family, a place to fellowship. It is a place to take in the sights of antique airplanes, have some tasty homemade food with all the trimmings and maybe even catch a ride barnstorming style. Our goal is for your dining experience to be fun and relaxing, with tasty food and great efficient service. We vary our monthly features and we enjoy serving great desserts! Come out and join us! We will be glad to see you and welcome you into our customer family.